Ed Stross knows a little something about making a point. A needle point to be exact, as he is trying to prove a political point with some simple etchwork on his skin. Ed has recently sought to have a permanent reminder of Princess Diana through a tattoo that means so much more than that. The tattoo itself is of the word ‘love’ and has significance in the town of Roseville.

The city of Roseville is currently in a heated debate over a mural in the city. The mural is a variation of Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Man’ and hangs outside a wall of Stross’s studio. But it is not the mural itself that is causing the heat. It is some graffiti that has been applied to the mural. The word ‘love’ was painted onto the mural over ten years ago in 1997 to commemorate Princess Diana. And much of the city has found it to be an honorary emblem of the Princess, and when residents see the mural, this is what they remember.

But last week, City officials in Roseville, Michigan won a Michigan Supreme Court decision that said the letters ‘love’ must be removed due to the fact that they violate a sign ordinance. The ‘love’ tattoo that Stross is bearing, is his protest against the ruling. And he means business, and means it with lawyer in tow. Stross’s lawyer is asking the court to reverse the decision or to at least allow for a full hearing on the issue. But city attorney’s have responded in kind by filing motions requesting denial of Stross’s request. In the end, Stross may actually face up to 30 days in jail for the matter.

In the meantime, Stross encourages residents of Roseville to get the love tattoo.

“There should be more love in the world. There shouldn’t be censorship on that.”