These days, pregnancy is the new black and getting engaged is as chic as picking up the new Bottega bag. But for those celebrities that aren’t exactly growing up with Hollywood and making major life milestones, it seems that getting inked is a viable substitute to keep up with the times in Tinseltown. Just ask Angelina Jolie! She has had babies, gotten married, AND gotten new ink all in a 3 month time frame! Guess she is just covering her bases, but for Rihanna, a little tribal ink was all she needed to stay chic and sexy.

Rihanna recently got a new tattoo with Chris Brown, and the two decided on it so spur of the moment that they had the artist come and do their ink backstage at their sold out show in Auckland. Her new tattoo is inspired by traditional Maori designs, and of the experience, all Rihanna had to say was it ‘hurt like hell’:

“It’s tribal. It represents strength and love,” the NZPA quoted her, as saying. “It’’s their traditional way of tattooing. I always wanted (one) … (But) it hurt like hell,” she added.

But the happy couple did not stop at the tribal tattoo. They also have matching star designs on the back of their necks. And these tattoos are not her first. In fact, the tribal design is Rihanna’s seventh. Other tattoos of Rihanna’s are a music note on her ankle, a Pisces sign behind her ear, a star inside her left ear, some Roman numerals on her left shoulder, a Sanskrit prayer on her hib, and the cluster of stars on her neck.

I am a little curious though. If the tribal tattoo ‘hurt like hell’ how did she describe the tattoo she got IN her EAR?? Eeesh!! But this is what sets her apart from the crowd, doesn’t it?