Phew Boy, so many thoughts on this one are floating out there I am sure. For many Americans, this year’s Presidential election may just be the biggest election of their lifetimes. Who is it going to be? In fact this year’s election may just well receive larger fan fare than the debochle that was once Al Gore’s and George Bush’s. Time will tell. You will find many freebies this year on election day from businesses all over that wish to hand out peace, love, and goodwill amongst fellow Americans. But bet you never guessed you could have your tattoo removed for free all in the name of patriotism, did you?
Well, if you live in the very Republican state of Texas, you can, and you will if you like. The New Look Laser Tattoo is holding a free removal clinic for any good Texan that can prove that they voted that day. All you have to do is show your proof of voting, and come in for a free consultation, and one free removal treatment.

Keep in mind however, this is not all in the taste of being a good Republican and cleaning up your image. It’s about good business as well. Many tattoos will take longer than one treatment for removal, and election day only brings you one bonus treatment, so the folks at New Look are drumming up business with this campaign. You almost want to say, typical Republican, don’t you? Let’s be nice though as this IS a one of a kind gesture you will likely NOT see in many other clinics.

Those in or near the Dallas area can pop in anywhere from 9 AM to 9 PM tomorrow for their first treatment. Restrictions are for tattoos only up to the size 4” by 4”, and all you will need is your ‘I Voted’ sticker, or your voter registration card.
And why are they doing this?

“You can’t turn on the television, radio, or open a newspaper without hearing a candidate talking about change” says New Look’s President, Ryan N. Lambert. “We figured that voters with unwanted tattoos are probably regretting their old policy of bad ink and are looking for some fresh skin this November. Voters may be discouraged if their candidate doesn’t win this election, but they can rest assured that we’ll start removing their ink without wrecking the budget.”

Tout your patriotism now folks, go in for a free removal treatment, and tell everyone what you did for the good of your country. You voted!