Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, told a courtroom yesterday that The Queen carries a Swastika tattoo on her wrist! Giving evidence in court, Burrelly stated that the Princess was hounded by a vast conspiracy of racist old people, including her mother, Prince Philip and perhaps even the Sovereign herself.

the queen

(The Queen)

Burrell described how, two months after Diana’s death, he met with the Queen in a darkened room underneath Trafalgar Square. He told the court: “Her Majesty frisked me and then asked if I had ever seen Fiddler on the Roof. When I said no, she slapped a hand on my shoulder and said ‘good on you my son’. She then lifted the cuff of her smart two piece day-suit and showed me what seemed to be a DIY Swastika tattoo, before winking at me and warning me never to use the public lavatories at Runnymede.”

paul burrell with princess diana

(Princess Diana with Paul Burrell)

The statement has caused quick a shock amongst the general public and perhaps tainted the Queen’s image permanently. The case continues.