If you like the look of tattoos, but aren’t quite sure you are up for the pain of getting one, you may be happy to hear that now you can make fake tattoos right in your own home at your own printer. You can make as many as you want in any design that you want including pictures of someone, any of your own drawings, or any picture you find on the Internet. The entire process doesn’t take longer than a few minutes, and you can do it all with your inkjet or laser printer and a new product that is known simply as tattoo paper.

Your new tattoo will last for about a week before it washes off, which means if you have buyer’s remorse, you won’t need to worry about it for too long. The paper is officially called Crafty Computer Paper and is being sold all over Europe and in the UK.

It comes in two sets of sheets, the first one is the one you print off with your chosen design, and the second is the adhesive that you will apply to the top of the printed tattoo sheet. Simply cut out the design and peel off a thin protective layer from the surface of the tattoo. Take a damp cloth and dampen the tattoo paper and after about 30 seconds, you will see the second sheet slip off to reveal your tattoo.

If you don’t like the tattoo, you can peel it off very easily, but if it is exactly how you planned, let it dry for a few minutes and the tattoo will last until you scrub it down with an exfoliant and some soap and water. Teens and kids love this new product, and even businesses are using it to tattoo their employees for outdoor advertising.You are only limited by your imagination for the amount of creativity you can use with these new, fake, and most importantly, painless tattoos.