Compressor company Air Channel have provided a Derbyshire-based tattoo studio to operate a new and revolutionary ‘needle’ system!

Believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, this new system differs from conventional electrical versions by using compressed air to power the hand pieces. This has significantly reduced the size and weight of the pen, which is now no bigger than a typical highlighter and has a much better centre of balance.

Oil-Less Compressor

(The Oil-Less Compressor) 

It is also believed to give a more accurate and better defined tattoo which is good news for enthusiasts wanting a crisp design.

The Jun-Air range of oil-free compressors offers an unrivalled combination of low noise levels, reliability, long life and low maintenance. To ensure the highest air quality throughout the lifetime of the oil-less compressor range, receivers are internally powder-coated to avoid corrosion.

The units feature a unique cooling system and wear-resisting piston rings, and are designed for 100% continuous operation up to 10 bar maximum pressure.