Well you have to know that things are getting bad when even the Marines are banning tattoos. My perspective has always been such that organizations such as the Marines are iconic in terms of who in society is sporting the ink. Well now, that may be the case, but this phase may be weeding out. The tattoo that you see here, or series of tattoos, will no longer be acceptable by higher ranking officers in the Marines.

The top general of the Marine Corps has initiated a ban on sleeve tattoos within the organization. Sleeve tattoos are considered to be those located on the biceps or forearms. In other words, where the uniformed sleeve ends, so does the tattoo line. From here on out, any new recruits are expected to have tattoos located above the sleeve line, i.e. covered by the sleeve.

A spokesman for the Marine has said that General James T. Conway, the cheese to please in the Corps, has said that recruiters and guards have a significant impact on the perception of the public and this is why the order came down. Those that are already tattooed are exempt from the ban, and Marines that have been ‘grandfathered’ into the Corps will have to have their current tattoos documented by the Marines.

Oh, and guess who is paying for that?

I wonder what image the Marines is preferring to pass on? Their former tough guy persona is getting weaker and weaker with this decision I think….