There seems to be some conflicted opinions on a tattoo that cropped up in the NBA recently. Stephon Marbury of the Knicks is reported to have a new tattoo, and of course, this being the off season, it’s a little difficult to verify at this point. What you see here is a ‘representation’ of what the said tattoo ‘might’ look like.

Readers from the Post and NY Times are saying the tattoo is located on the left side of his head, however neither publication has released a picture on the tattoo.

The NY Times describes it as a ‘replica of his Starbury shoe logo’ whereas the Post is saying it is the ‘3 Logo found on his Starbury sneaker and apparel line’.

But you know how it is in any industry when you are a public figure as public as an NBA player. When talk of your career going south starts up, some PR coo like a tattoo that noone can verify may keep people thinking about you.

There has been some murmurs on a Marbury departure from the Knicks, as management has just inked, or agreed to, ink a deal with point guard Chris Duhon. Duhon’s agent is under the understanding that Chris is not being brought on to sit on the bench. And Marbury is being ever so classy about it.

Marbury told reporters on Friday, “Right now, I’ve been told that I’m going to be playing basketball here…I mean, I love New York, I want to play basketball here. But I understand it’s a business. And in this business, things happen. I don’t take it personal. I just continue to do what I do.”

Will the buzz of a new tattoo be enough to keep him in the Big Apple? Who knows…..