Yes, she may well just be one of the world’s most beautiful women, but even supermodel extraordinaire Kate Moss feels that she needs to tweak her looks once in a while. The latest tweak that Kate has taken on is that of a new tattoo she had inked onto her right wrist.

Kate Moss is no stranger to body art and has quite the collection, and her newest is the symbol of a small anchor. Other body art that Kate has is a pair of swallows located on her lower back, a small heart on her left hand near the thumb, and a crown on her left shoulder. The artist for Kate’s anchor ink was famous tattoo artist to the stars David Potasnick who has also tattooed the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.

David Potasnick said the design was very basic and was simply a ten minute job. David works out of Metalmorphosis in the London branch of the hip department store Selfridges. He says the anchor tattoo is usually taken to symbolise stability or a strong foundation, and is often used to show commitment in a relationship.

Do we think that Kate may have a new man in her life? Or is this anchor sign a symbol of her own strength and stability now that she has finally gotten over formerly fianced greasy Pete Doherty. Hm….

It’s interesting though that Kate would get a tattoo at all, considering that most models are advised against tattoos when in the business as it may affect their job prospects. Kate has nothing to worry about however, as she is still one of the most sought after supermodels today.