spiderman-tattooHaving a love for comic books can sometimes label you as a nerd.  Having a love for tattoos can sometimes label you as a rebel or a toughguy.  So what happens if you get tattoos with comic book characters on them?  Do they cancel each other out and you just become a normal average human being with no label?  Or maybe superhero comic book tattoos turn you into a SUPERHERO!  Or not.

No matter if they turn you into a superhero or a supergeek, comic books are filled with lively colors and striking images that would be excellent pieces of art to be used as a tattoo.  That is, provided you can get yourself a tattoo artist that can recreate the talent that was used in the comic book.  Some recreations are not quite what the buyer was expecting.

Although most tattoos are simply tracing over a few lines that have been transferred onto the persons body, there are times when extra colors and shading are needed to make the picture pop or come to life.  This experience and artistic talent are what is needed for most comic book type recreations, as seen in the picture attached.  A character by themselves, without a detailed background, would be easier to make into a tattoo but sometimes a colorful background can be used to help make the image pop out to the viewer.
City scapes with the hero standing on top of a building looking down like a protector could be an interesting tattoo, especially if the artist can capture the depth of field in the background of the city, like the picture above, with the moon in sky and the buildings in the distance.  A large piece like a sleeve or an enormous backdrop on the back would make for quite the conversation starter wherever the wearer was to show it off.

Of course, the choice of super hero or comic book can add or take away from the tattoo’s impressiveness, no matter how good the artist is.  An old Daffy Duck comic book or Duck Dodgers tattoo might prove less impressive than a monsterous Conan the Barbarian tattoo with swords and scenes of battle.  There’s no sense looking like a comic book nerd unless you’re going to do it in a way that strikes fear into the hearts of small children, right?  Batman isnt very scarey, unless you’re one of his arch enemies, but a nice battle scene from one of the Conan comics could put you up there into the cool crew because, lets face it, they probably have never read a Conan comic in their life so how are they going to know you’re a comic book nerd??