Jade Goody is a woman who is struggling with cancer, and she has decided to make a permanent statement of her love for her boyfriend Jack Tweedy by tattooing his name on her wrist. And this is not Jade’s first tattoo. In preparation for her chemotherapy, Jade had her eyebrows tattooed in the event that she lost them from her cancer treatment. She recently appeared in court on Tuesday to support him, and then headed to Eternal Art to honor him with permanent body art.
Jade was attending Tweed’s court session as he has been accused of attacking a cab driver after being charged a £35 fare upfront after he was picked up outside an Essex nightclub earlier this year. Tweed of course denies all charges and is pleading not guilty. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite get the chance, as after he arrived at court, he was told the hearing was rescheduled for a later date.

And despite somewhat of a less than perfect reputation, Jade says it doesn’t matter what Tweed does in public, when it comes to her, he is her rock. She said after she received her cancer diagnosis earlier this year, he was there for her through the most difficult part of her life. She had to undergo a hysterectomy, and is currently undergoing both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. As a side effect of her treatment, she is also undergoing early menopause.

And given that she has only been given a 50/50 chance of survival due to the extent of the cancer spreading, she says that she needs Jack more than ever. Having his name tattooed is her permanent reminder that she has someone that will truly be there for her no matter what.

We wish Jade nothing but the best wishes of healing as she continues her treatment.