What you see here is a representation of the actual event, due to the fact that the woman in question will not publish pictures of the said tattoo. However, take a look at this tattoo ladies, and imagine yourself going into surgery one minute, and waking up looking like this the next…..

That’s what happened to Elizabeth Mateo, a New Jersey woman who is now suing her orthopedic surgeon following a routine surgery. Elizabeth went in to have surgery done to repair a herniated disc, and woke up with a new tattoo below her panty line of a red rose. The worst part? Her doctor does not deny putting it there.

Mind you, the tattoo is of the temporary variety, easy come easy go, but the emotional distress to Elizabeth isn’t mitigated much. She is suing her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kirshner for emotional distress, punitive damages, and compensatory damages.

Dr. Kirshner’s defense is that he likes to leave little marks on his patients before they wake to ensure their spirits will be improved as they heal. Fine? No, it’s still weird. The only thing that would make this less weird is if he decided to share this information with his patients before doing so.

And my question is, since this seems to be repetitive behavior by the Dr…why has noone else stepped up beforehand to do something about it?