arm-band-tattooArm band tattoos have been around for probably centuries.  The first arm band tattoos were possibly the tattoos of the Polynesian islanders, tattoos which were used to display a message that told what tribe a person was from.  Back then, the arm band tattoos were usually tribal in nature with flowing lines and designs that held deep meaning to the wearer, sometimes designs that even told stories of the person’s ancestry and heritage.  These days, that is not usually the case.
Now, arm bands might still have a tribal design here and there but they can be just about any kind of linear design that will wrap around the upper arm or forearm, connecting on the other side.  Since armband tattoos are so popular, they are sometimes laughed at because they are thought to be unoriginal in design or style, although I wouldn’t tell that to the guy in the picture, who happens to be a professional wrestler.
Pamela Anderson played a character in a movie called Barbed Wire years ago which some people think have given rise to more people getting armband tattoos.  In particular, the barbed wire armband tattoo has risen in popularity, similar to the one on the main character.

Oddly enough, the armband tattoos seem to be more popular with men than they do with women.  Perhaps due to the fact that men are seen to more frequently bare their upper arm, biceps, triceps region then women do.  Men have always thought to impress women by building big arm muscles and showing them off by wearing sleeveless shirts or tank tops.  Now they have another reason to bare their arms and that is to show off their armband tattoos.

Of course women can get armband tattoos if they want to as much as a man can but it just seems to be that women are not as interested in that kind of tattoo as the male species are.  Again possibly due to the showoff appeal that an armband tattoo has.  While men like the armband tattoos, a woman might prefer to get a tattoo in the small of her back, maybe of a butterfly or a fairie or a dolphin.  Dolphins seem to be more popular with women than men.  Wherever possible, try and put a dolphin tattoo that looks like a butterfly.  That would sell tons of tattoos.  There is an image on the internet somewhere of a guy with a few dolphins on his back but he has a few other images on there along with the dolphins that lead some people to believe that he’s not quite as manly as the first glance at a large piece of tattoo art would lead you to believe.  We will let you look for it and judge for yourself.  Yes.  It’s that bad of a tattoo.