body-modsTattoos these days have become more of a body modification “just because” and less of a message, as they were when I was growing up.  When I got my first tattoo, I got it because I had recently turned 18 and I wanted something that was going to stick with me for the rest of my life as a reminder of my youth.  I wanted something that said something about me and the way I tried to live my life, something that would remind me every day that this was the way to be.  It’s just a little Japanese lettering that says “enjoy one’s self”, but that’s how I try and live my life.  Be optimistic, enjoy yourself, have fun and be happy.  Of course, now I would like to have it covered up with something else since, when I was 18, I was dating a crazy girl and I would like to forget her.
ANYWAY, my point is this – there are more and more tattoos popping up on teenagers and young adults that have no meaning.  What do you think is the purpose of that guy in the picture’s shark tattoo?  Maybe he’s trying to explain to everyone why he’s missing part of his arm?  Did a shark take it?  Maybe he just thinks it looks cool?  If a shark did take it, does he really need a constant reminder when he looks in the mirror?  You would think the missing portion of his left arm would be reminder enough. Maybe he likes sharks and it fit well with the design of his arm.  Who knows the reason?  One has to wonder, though, why people might get random ink placed on their bodies when it doesn’t really have any deep meaning to them.  I personally would not want a “fad” tattoo on me, knowing that I might want it removed in a few years when I grow bored with it.  Sure, there are tattoo removal methods all over the place now, more so than when I got my first tattoo.  Still, those methods are far from painless and they can be very expensive as well.  For my tattoo “removal”, I am just going to have it covered by another tattoo, one that also has meaning but one that is more up-to-date according to my life.  As to when it will happen, there is no telling.  It’s not high up there on my list of priorities or things to spend money on.

I suppose if tattoos were free, like if I knew someone who did them, I might consider getting something “just because” in an area that I don’t have to look at constantly.  Maybe some random lizard or gecko on the bottom of my foot, like I stepped on it.  Or, maybe something else random that could have any number of meanings.  Whoever is looking at it can decide for themselves what they think it means.  Over time, I could have quite a few different descriptions to give people who ask me what it means, just by using other’s meanings as my own.