Ah yes, the Republican party is one group where you can always count on the goodness and purity of life right? They make the right choices, they don’t drink, or swear, or rat their hair, and they’d get ill from one cigarette. And they certainly wouldn’t get a tattoo. Or so they would like to have us think. But it’s possible that their image is getting more tarnished by the day.

Particularly since they seem to have a penchant for tattoos. At least that’s what Meghan McCain would like to have us think…
Mind you, it could just be that Meghan wants to have a tattoo and knows full well that it doesn’t exactly align with the Republican image, and so this is her way of sneaking it in there. She says that she loves New Hampshire so much that she vows to tattoo ‘Live Free or Die’ somewhere on her body if her dad wins the state and also the election.

Long time readers know how much the people of New Hampshire mean to my dad and our family. So there you have it. If we win New Hampshire and the election, I get a ‘Live Free or Die’ tattoo.

Meghan describes her future self as ‘extremely depressed’ if John doesn’t carry the state, more so than any other state him winning New Hampshire seems to be critical to her mental health. No pressure John. She may need to get the shrinks on standby. As it stands now, polls are indicating that Obama has a nine point lead in New Hampshire. And yes, this was the same state that gave came through for John in both the 2000 and 2008 primaries. OI.

So all politics and partisan thoughts aside. Megan is a.) showing her love for her daddy, or b.) warming him up to the idea of getting a tattoo. What do you think? Or moms or dads how bout this one….what would you think if YOUR child came home with a tattoo that showed their support of YOUR endeavors? If it’s genuine…it’s actually kind of sweet. Especially for a Republican.