Anyone that knows Jodie Marsh knows that this may not be the most shocking news in the world. Nope. Jodie Marsh is one girl that certainly knows how to strut her stuff. Jodie for those of you that aren’t familiar, is an English glamor girl and British TV personality. She has appeared on shows such as Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, on her own reality TV show ‘Totally Jodie Marsh’ and is probably best known for her topless appearances in many British UK tabloid magazines. And it seems that Jodie is always trying to make a mark somewhere, and this time it is with her tattoos.
Recently Jodie made headlines in terms of her ink when she allowed the readers of a ladie’s magazine ‘Bizarre’ to choose her tattoo if she lost a bet. What that bet was we will never know, but I am sure it was very much in the racy variety. Well, she lost and the readers chose a giant devil’s tail to be coming out of her behind…..uh huh. So for those of you that aren’t familiar with Jodie, well, now perhaps you are feeling like you know a little too much about her, huh?

When it comes to ink, Jodie is making waves again. But this time she wants some new knockers. Guess her double D’s just aren’t good enough. Well they are, she simply wants more. So she’s getting some etched onto her arm. She hopes that potential lovers will find it sexy. I know, she’s cute, but she’s not very bright.

Jodie had the tattoo done just recently, and in doing so she made a claim to fame on the new tattoo reality show airing in Britain ‘London Ink’. She appeared as a debut cast member on the first episode of the new series of London Ink. And, if London Ink sounds like your thing, keep an eye out for it, because there is much more than Jodie in the pipeline. You will see tattoo artist to the Beckhams on board, Louis Molloy, page 3 legend Sam Fox, Rebecca Loos, boxer Ricky Hatton, and much much more.