If you are looking to become a record holder for most tattoos on a body, or any tattoo record for that matter, take a life lesson learned from Don McCLintock. It ain’t easy, and it’s not going to happen overnight.
Don McClintock is seen here showcasing his tattooed body, a body that earned him the winning spot in the Lower Hutt Charity Tattoo Show. Don walked away with many prizes and awards, but took the grand prize of $1000 for the most and best tattoos. The entire process to get a look like this came at the price of seven years of tattoo accumulation, all of which cost in total approximately $70,000. So how did Don get into the tattoo addiction?

About 7 years ago, a family crisis urged him to have the names of his children tattooed around his neck. Don is a self-employed man who began to understand the gift of permanent body art in keeping momentos of his kids literally around him all the time.

Then I had Lady Luck tattooed on, so our luck would change, and the whole thing just took off from there. I never liked tattoos before that to be honest

To date, Don has lost count of how many tattooes he has, or how long each one took to create. But he stands by the same artist time and again, Steve Johnson from Down Under Tattoo. The only areas Don does not have tattooed are the backs of his feet, and some sections of his inner thighs.

And Don says, covering THOSE areas will be just a matter of time.