the-butterfly-effectWhat draws women to butterflies?  Why is that butterfly tattoos are primarily seen on women and not on men?  Where are all the tattoos of the hundreds, and possibly thousands, of caterpillars before they turn into those glorious butterflies?

For years women have used the butterfly as their tattoo of choice on every part of their body from the tips of their toes to, well maybe not to their nose but still, the butterfly can be seen on just about any part of a woman’s body.  Ask one of them what their butterfly symbolizes and who knows what they will say.  Perhaps it has something to do with the way a silly looking caterpillar can wrap itself in a cocoon for a few days or weeks and then climb out as a beautiful flying butterfly.  It could have to do with the many stories of butterflies, ranging from the mysterious deep meaning tales of butterflies changing the world or the thoughts of a bitter old man to the children’s stories of butterflies befriending birds and frogs and other woods animals.
Whatever the case or reason behind them, it would be hard to find an ‘evil’ butterfly so we could assume that anyone with a butterfly tattoo has gotten it for a happy reason rather than a rebellious or devilish purpose.

When one thinks of butterflies, images of a sunny day in a field of flowing flowers come to mind.  Small and large butterflies alike dancing and floating from flower to flower, taking in the pollen and the tiny particles it uses for food.  Or something like that.  Sometimes a butterfly tattoo might just be an accent piece, used to fill in a gap between some other random artwork tattooed on the person’s body.  We already heard about some celebrity’s tattoos, one that mentions gilded butterflies, which has specific meaning to that celebrity.  Describing a butterfly, gilded in what is normally gold, again brings an image of something supposedly beautiful and peaceful.

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes.  Butterfly tattoos also can come in all shapes and sizes, allowing a person to get a similar butterfly tattoo to their friend yet have it be unique to them with just a few small changes.  This allows for some personal meaning to go into the tattoo without having to be too creative at the same time.

Not only are pictures of butterflies popular but wording and text that speak of butterflies is also popular.  There are also many songs that have lyrics based around butterflies and those can be placed somewhere on a body, made to look like ancient poetry when in fact they’re songs long forgotten from the 1980’s.