Tattoos are a popular form of expression in today’s world, and athletes are not immune to this trend. Players’ tattoos also receive a different level of prominence, as spectators may wonder about the meaning behind these symbols when they watch their favorite athletes play. For many athletes, these tattoos have a special meaning and story behind them.

Sean Danzeiser is a soccer player with some significant tattoos. Danzeiser has two tattoos with special meanings, and he looks at them as a reminder of childhood memories and his family. His first tattoo, although a symbol of his faith, is also a reminder of his family. Danzeiser has an image of an angel tattooed across his back. As a young boy, his family taught him everyone had a guardian angel looking over them for protection.

“I like to think of it as my guardian angel, always watching over me,”

On his right arm, Danzeiser has another tattoo that serves as a source of inspiration. A rosary winds its way around his wrist up to his right elbow. Danzeiser designed it to look like the rosary he prayed with as a child with his grandmother and aunt — he even included their initials directly above the cross as a sign of respect and appreciation for his elders.

The NBA is where you will find a host of other tattoos, all with significance for these superstar athletes, and Scott Thompson is no exception. A highly-anticipated newcomer Santa Clara men’s basketball forward Scott Thompson got his first tattoo the summer before entering college. Thompson has received honors such as being invited to the NBA Player Association Top 100 camp and Sports Illustrated’s Best Player in Idaho.

“It felt like the right time to do it. I’ve always wanted to get one, and a lot of my friends here have them.”

His tattoo is a cross on his back with a basketball in the center.

The 7-foot redshirt freshman said that his religion and basketball are the two most important things to him, and he felt that this symbol was appropriate. This past summer, Thompson got a new tattoo of his family name on his side. Thompson said he designed both of his tattoos himself.