prince-william-tattooWho’d a thought it? I mean, we all know Prince Will is a fan of David Beckham’s but still…  Prince William apparently told his navy colleagues that he was keen to get an upper back tattoo like David Beckham’s angel but thanks to his girlfriend, he has been put off the idea. Kate, it seems, was worried about William going under the needle.
Of course, spending all that time on board HMS Iron Duke must have had an effect. One fellow sailor apparently said: “Lots of the guys onboard sport tattoos… It was obvious William was fascinated. He asked how painful it was and wanted to know what they thought of his idea for a tattoo across his shoulders.”

They didn’t think he was serious though but then the prince said he was keen to get a large tattoo like the one David Beckham has. He said the only thing stopping him was his girlfriend. It appears he thought she thought it was a bit too chavvy.

I wonder whether she is aware of how many members of Europe’s royal families were tattooed? Even today we are unsure who is and who isn’t. There are rumours that even Prince Charles has a tattoo but who really knows?

William’s younger brother, Prince Harry was had good and proper when his sergeant ordered him to drop his trousers. There had been a rumour circulating that Harry had tattooed the name of his girlfriend, Chelsy, across his buttocks. Harry had no idea this was happening and obediently dropped his pants, at which point his whole platoon fell about laughing. A fellow cadet is quoted as saying, “It was the funniest thing any of us has seen for ages. Everyone has heard the rumour but no one wanted to ask Harry if it was true. Then one of the colour sergeants decided to play a trick on Harry in front of the whole platoon.”

Seems as good a reason as any to have a tattoo on one’s back instead…