red-hot-tattoosThe Red Hot Chili Peppers are just one of many bands on the market today that have multiple tattoos between the members.  Supposedly bass player Flea has the most tattoos within the band but that remains up for debate.

Some have to wonder why band members always seem to be so fascinated with getting tattoos.  Find me a band that doesn’t have a single member with a tattoo and you’ll have found an all girl band or maybe a tweener band, with pretty boys singing in falsetto voices and going to bed before 9pm.

Did the band get together to play music or did they get together to get tattoos?  It makes a person wonder, doesn’t it?  Is getting tattoos a right of passage for band members, or is playing in a band a right of passage for people who like to get tattoos?
Lots of bands seem to have tattoed members from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day and even Avril Lavigne has tattoos.  They range from the ordinary star tattoo, tribal arm bands, random pictures of smoking babies, scorpians, and lettering of different styles, just to name a few.  Sometimes people like to watch the band members during videos or concerts to see if they can pick out a new tattoo that someone has gotten.  They make a game out of it, seeing who can pick out the newest tattoo first.  Who knows what the winner gets.  Probably just kudos from their friends, which is more than it’s worth anyhow!

It might make you think that if you were to get enough tattoos, maybe you too could become a rock star.  Obviously it wouldn’t be an overnight thing since your tattoos can’t be placed overnight.  Or at least not enough tattoos to become rockstar-worthy, which is a good thing because while you’re taking the time to get enough tattoos to be a rocker, you can also spend some time with singing lessons or learning to play an instrument while your tats heal.  That way, when all your tats are ready to show the public and the cover of Rolling Stone, you might have some kind of musical talent to back you up incase nobody likes your skin art.

Or, go out and get yourself a load of tattoos just because you like tattoos.  Who says you have to be a rockstar to have tattoos?  Then, once you’re all tattooed up and looking like a rockstar, go out and have a good time.  And if you have some musical talent to go along with your look, go for it!  Or just have a good time playing by yourself and jamming with friends and enjoying your tats.