little-drummer-boyTravis Barker, former band member and drummer for the group Blink 182, is no stranger to tattoos.  With most of his body covered with tattoos, he still manages to find new places to add them.  His tattoos range in styles from plain black ink to multicolored.  A giant cartoonish boom box is displayed on his stomach, surrounded by everything from Cadillac emblems to Cadillac script, other random scripts and sayings, musical notes, fish, flags, stars, and hearts.  Anything and everything you can think of is on his body, displayed on his arms while he walks around in his wife beaters and plays the drums on countless YouTube videos.

In September 2008, Travis was in a plane that skidded across a runway and crashed, killing two of the four people that were on that plane.  Travis and his friend Adam Goldstein were the only survivors and both came out with third degree burns on parts of their body.  Most of his tattoos were fine and have healed up from the burns since the crash.

There are no plans as of yet to put more tattoos on his body though I’m sure he will find someplace to put them if he so chooses.

It seems to be a popular thing to do among musicians, having multiple random tattoos.  Rockstar Tommy Lee also has multiple tattoos which range in styles and colorations.  Memories can be placed permanently into the skin after a tour to a new city, leaving a constant reminder of something that you might forget otherwise.  It’s also possible that getting the tattoo is going to help you remember something that, due to intoxication, you might not remember at all after the day is over but I’m just speculating because I’m no rock star.

As for Travis’ Cadillac obsession, I’m not so sure he needs the money but he could ask them for royalties since he is basically a walking billboard for them.  He has the word Cadillac in a tattoo that covers almost the length of his entire torso, as you can see in the picture.  He also has the Cadillac emblem on his chest area, just above his stomach, and due to him always being seen in YouTube videos playing drums without his shirt on, that tattoo is also highly visible and could be used as advertising for Cadillac.  With the auto industry hurting the way it is nowadays, they can probably use every bit of advertising that they can get.  Of course, with the auto industry hurting how it is they will be less likely to have money to fork over to Travis for putting their name out there as much as he does so it’s a blessing and a curse, in a way.