Little Miss Innocent Hayden Panettiere has had her share of tattoo woes. If you want to call them that. But when you are a teenager practically and you have an overbearing stage mom, it can get to the woe’s category. She has worked very hard at hiding her tattoos from her mom, but when it came to a little rally this weekend, Hayden didn’t go to many lengths to hide her latest.

Hayden was at a Save the Whales Again rally this weekend, a cause she has shown a lot of heart for and is a cause that is very near and dear to her heart. At the rally this weekend, Hayden was presented with an award for educating the public about Washington’s ineligibility to vote as a state regarding this particular issue.

During the rally, Hayden raised her arm and raised some eyebrows as well, when she inadvertently flashed a brand new tattoo. The tattoo showed off some italic lettering, and because the tattoo was not fully shown, it is still unclear as to what the tattoo entails, what is says, or what it means to Hayden.

This is not Hayden’s first tattoo, as her first tattoo is that of a Leo sign on her ankle. She received the tattoo when she was 18 and did all that she could to hide it from her mother. Unfortunately, the secret did not last, as when she received the acting job on Heroes, the tattoo was unveild.

“I was being body-scanned for a special effect on ‘Heroes,’” the actress who plays Claire Bennet says. “And she saw it, then tried to rub it off, and suddenly I realized. Her eyes welled up.”

Yes folks, Hayden’s mommy was reduced to tears when she saw her daughter’s first tattoo. Aww, poor maimed little Hayden. Well, now that this secret is out, I wonder what the response to this one will be.