david-duchovny-offbeatinkWe know David Duchovny has a thing about tattoos marking important events in his life. His and wife Tea Leoni’s little fifteen month old girl gave her parents the fright of their lives when she nearly died. Happily, little Madelaine recovered and David’s joy on hearing the news had him rushing out for a tattoo. As mum said: “Right after her spinal tap was clear and everyone breathed a sigh of relief, David went around the corner from the hospital and put a tattoo of her name on his ankle.”
David and his wife were reported recently to have broken up after a marriage lasting over a decade. The reason may have had something with David’s spell in rehab to overcome an addiction to sex, we think… However, they were seen together in Mustique in March, an island made famous by the likes of Princess Margaret. It appears the marriage is back on, this time sealed with a pair of tattooed wedding rings.

Duchovny is reported to have said that he hated wearing his wedding ring because “I bang it everywhere and hurt myself.” He asked his wife if he could have a ring tattooed instead and she liked the idea so much that she had one inked as well.

As for the tattoo design, well there’s the rub. David won’t say what it means: “It’s a phrase we say to each other but I don’t actually tell anybody. It’s AYSF. It stands for something.” Well, how mystifying is that? A quick search on the ‘net reveals unlikely acronym descriptions such as: Add your site free, American Youth Scholarship Foundation, Are you Starved for Fame and Ashtanga Yoga San Francisco and Asian Youth Festival, none of which sound like a sweet nothing whispered in your loved one’s shell like. Whatever the truth of the matter, some clever clog has registered the domain name just in case…