We reported last week that David Beckham was now the new owner of a tattoo that left wifey Victoria Beckham ‘up in arms’. And now, he has revealed the tattoo for the whole world to see, though the angst coming from Victoria is still a little confusing to us.

The latest design can be seen tucked on the inside of Beckham’s already heavily-inked left arm and has caused Victoria angst as she thought he had already had enough of the ink. The design - created by Beckham’s regular artist Louis Malloy - is a Hebrew translation of ‘My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart.’

It accompanies another Hebrew phrase on the same arm which reads: ‘I am my beloved and my beloved is mine’ which is a tatto he shares with wifey Posh Spice. Friends of the couple say think they can explain Victoria’s anger, as if anyone actually could:
Victoria doesn’t think David should have any more tattoos and tried to stop him having another. She likes them but wants a bit of his skin to be left, but David went ahead with it anyway.

Oh I see, so it’s a classic case of hubby didn’t do what wifey said he shoulda.
The latest pictures also show a wing-shaped tattoo on the inside of his upper left arm. It is unclear exactly what the design is but it could be a cherub which would match the one he has in the same spot on his right arm.

But this is not the first time we saw tension with the Beckham’s this year. Tension in the Beckham household also peaked earlier this year when the couple decided not to fly home for the 60th birthday of David’s father Ted shortly after his near-fatal heart attack.

But Victoria, 34, tried to end the feud by holding a family Christmas at their mansion in Hertfordshire - which is when Beckham fitted in his visit to the tattoo parlour. Ah, the life of the celebrities. There seems to be always something to complain about, especially when you are a Beckham. However, I have to say, I think this new one of David’s is pretty sweet! The man can’t do ugly if he tried.