Fans of Chris Garver or of the show Miami Ink will be happy to learn that he will be hosting the first ever Singapore Tattoo Expo this coming January from January 9-January 11 2009. The event is being sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board and Chris Garver will be the host and ‘Show Ambassador’. This will place Singapore on the map in terms of global recognition for Tattoo Artistry in an industry that is considered one of the fastest growing today.

Renowned tattoo artists from all over the world will be in Singapore to show off their artistic ingenuity and to create extraordinary pieces of art. There will be 60 tattooists from all over the world representing various styles of body art while providing tattoos in an atmosphere that is being described as ‘exhibition styled’. An attendance of over 5,0000 is expected for this three day event.

Kirby Lian, owner of the Utopia Studio, and an Official Partner of the event says of the show:

The tattoo show is an event that we know will draw different and varied visitors, keen to be educated, experience the art and be entertained. Some enthusiasts travel around the world to take part in tattoo shows, it is a time in which this art is experienced on one’s own skin and, it is difficult not to be affected by the unique atmosphere that makes tattoos a very familiar and easy form of body art for everybody’

A highly anticipated segment of the Expo will be the array of Tattoo Contests that will take place. Expected categories include best black and grey, best colored, tattoo of the day, and so on. Every day, artists and visitors alike will be able to take part in one exciting competition after another, all of which will take place center stage.

The event WILL be open to the public, and you can find more information here.