robbie-williams-tattooRobbie Williams, real name Robert Peter Williams, is not only a British pop sensation, but he is also no stranger to tattoos. His body has been turned into a canvas for tattoo art and he has examples of nearly every style imaginable somewhere on his body.

Robbie Williams is unquestionably the king of celebrity tattoos. He’s a real tat fan and depending on how you count them he has as many as 14 tattoos, including 7 word tattoos, some Beatles music, 2 swallows, a Christian cross, a Maori tribal, and a Celtic cross.
His first tattoo was a Pagan Celtic cross tattooed on his right hip. It was done during his time with Take That. He got it for his own protection because, as he said during an interview, “he’s got the devil inside him”.
Robbie also has a very large Maori tattoo on his left arm which is in a partial sleeve from his shoulder to halfway down to his bicep. It is a series of delicately rounded waves that are symbolic of the turns and twists in life. It is based on adjoining spirals and is a curvilinear tattoo which is very complex. This tattoo is meant to tell his life’s story.

He also has some old school designs tattooed on his abdomen such as a pair of swallows. Tattoos of swallows are symbols of loyalty and freedom. The tattoos were done in 2003.

Robbie has a transcription of the lyrics and notes to All You Need Is Love, a famous Beatle song, tattooed on his lower back.
Robbie calls the tattoo on his right under arm the “Christian” since it is a tattoo of Jesus on the cross with the Virgin Mary and some angels. This tattoo was done in 2000.

In addition, he also has a tattoo of an Eye of Horus which was meant to protect him from evil spirits. The Eye of Horus was the ancient falcon god of Egypt, the all Seeing Eye, son of Isis and Osiris. This tattoo was done in 2004.

On his opposing bicep and shoulder is a tattoo of a lions head. It is an extremely detailed concept of the features of a young male lion, which is the universal symbol of virility, masculinity, and power. Above the lion are the words “Elvis grant me serenity” and below it, the words “Born to be mild”. This tattoo is also meant to provide Robbie protection, just like the Horus and cross tattoos.