lee-priestSo, say you’re in the supermarket and you happen to see a guy walking around with a tattoo on his face.  Being that we’re not in an area that’s used to seeing people walking around with tattoos on their faces (unless you live on the islands of Samoa), maybe you stare a little bit.  Maybe you stare alotta bit.  And lets say you get caught staring.  What do you do?  Should you say something?  Compliment his face tattoo and go on about your business?  Maybe you think you should let them know how you feel about their face tattoo and that they’ll have a problem getting jobs in the future and they’ll always scare small children?  Yea.  Tell ‘em like it is.  That is, unless that tattoo faced guy is Lee Priest.
He’s short, yes, but he’s also huge.  He’s one of the smallest yet most muscular bodybuilders in the international bodybuilding competition circuit.  For the longest time, he only had a few tattoos about his chest, back, and shoulders.  Now, he’s not only just received a huge tattoo across his back (just the outline, much of it has yet to be filled in) but he’s also sporting a big tribal thing on the left side of his face.
Sure, he might look a little silly to you but I’m not going to be the guy to tell him that, even though I’m probably over a foot taller than him.  He can do whatever he wants to his face for all I care.  Lee is a great bodybuilder so I don’t think he will have trouble getting a job.  He can also go hang out with Mike Tyson who is also sporting a face tattoo similar to Lee Priest’s.

Lee has a superman tattoo on one of his shoulders and the new tattoo across his back looks like it is going to display very large feathered wings.  He has stated in interviews that his facial tattoo is something that people will just have to get over since it’s his way of doing things and will always be his way of doing things, whether people like it or not.  Again I say I’m not going to be the guy trying to tell him it looks goofy and he should remove it.  He’s likely to tell me I am the one who looks goofy and then remove me from his sight.