amy-winehouse-tattoo-offbeatinkcomAmy Winehouse has a medley of tattoos adorning her body already, some would say rather haphazardly but her latest tattoo has people talking and not all are being critical. She was spotted recently sporting an odd combination design on her back, an American eagle behind a stars-and-stripes ankh cross. Amy’s favourite tattoo parlour is in London’s Camden Town.
As the king of birds, the eagle symbolises might and spiritual growth. The Egyptian hieroglyph symbol of the ankh cross means eternal life. It appears that Amy decided on this tattoo as a way of boosting her confidence as she continued to struggle with her addictions and the issue of her husband’s incarceration. Husband, Blake Fielder-Civil was being held on remand at London’s Pentonville Prison since November while he awaits trial for attempting to pervert the course of justice and GBH.

Amy has a variety of tattoos already: an angel, a horseshoe, a feather, a singing bird, an anchor, a lightning bolt, the words “Daddy’s girl”, three 1950s pin-up women, a Betty Boop  and her husband Blake Fielder-Civil’s first name beside a pocket on her left breast.

Amy’s mum Janis said recently that she hated the tattoos and told the Sunday Mirror: “She’d never taken class As before she met Blake. And that’s when the tattoos went bananas, too. That dreadful one saying ‘Blake’s’ on her breast - I hate that. It was like when Amy got her Daddy’s Girl tattoo. She asked me, ‘Do you want me to get mummy tattooed, too?’ I said, ‘No, don’t worry’. That’s not my thing.”

You may remember that Amy had to cover up her topless woman tattoo when she performed at the Grammys so it would not upset any prudish audiences. Instead of covering the busty lady with make-up, feisty Amy drew a bra on her with black felt-tip pen. Amy’s fans love her haphazard tattoo style whereas others compare her compilation to the “back of a pub bog door”. Harsh.