twin-towers-tattooDon’t get me wrong, I’m just as patriotic as the next guy.  I’m all about fighting for our country and standing up for what we believe in and grieving for the loss of so many people on 9-11.  But, that tattoo is over the top.  A painting like that would be really cool and could get a lot of publicity and maybe even draw in some donations at a fundraiser or something.  Unless this guy wants to stand up against a wall at an art show, I don’t think any money will be raised from that tattoo.
My brother-n-law is a firefighter as well, or at least I’m assuming that guy in the pic is a firefighter, and he has a tattoo related to firefighting but it’s nothing as extravagant as that one.  His just depicts the IAFF logo, International Association of Firefighters, and I think something about his company number.  Even having too much information about his company number could be a bad idea because who knows if he will be with that company forever?  So far, he’s doing ok.  He has moved up to become an assistant battalion chief, which is pretty good, but again now he has multiple firehouses that he’s assigned to and not just one so if he had put just one firehouse number on his tattoo, it would be a little awkward.  I think at one point he was considering putting Tigger from Winnie the Pooh stories somewhere on his calf, while tiger is dressed in a firefighter coat and helmet and holding a big red axe.

That’d be kind of cool as well.  I suppose if I ever get the chance to do some firefighting or become a paramedic or EMT, I will get myself another tattoo.  The ones I have now have nothing to do with work because that would be silly since I’m a programmer.  What would I get, some line of code or a Microsoft symbol?  Sorry Bill Gates but I’m not that big a fan of yours that I’m going to give you free advertising.  I’m also not silly enough to put some kind of VB code on me.  That’s way too nerdy for me, even though I’m nerdy.

My brother and father have both been in the health service industry with my brother being a registered nurse and my father having been a captain in the fire department and a paramedic as well.  I suppose in a way it’s in our blood.  Once I become an EMT, I will put that in my blood as well.  A big EMT logo somewhere on my body, probably my bare left shoulder, because it will be an accomplishment I have been waiting to do for a number of years.  It would be great to mark it as complete in a ceremony located in a tattoo parlor, in big bold vibrant colors for all the world to see.  Well, to see when my shirt has hit the floor.