sily-tattoo-mistakesThe nice thing about getting a tattoo is that you can always get it removed if you change your mind the next day.  Right?  Isn’t it that simple?  No.  Not really.  Well, it might be “simple” depending on your definition but I’m sure it’s not painless.  There are a few ways to get it removed and I think all of them involve a significant amount of feeling not-so-good by the tattooed and unhappy patron.

Me, if I had to choose a method to get rid of a tattoo I didn’t like, I would rather get it covered by another tattoo; one that I hopefully will not hate tomorrow or years down the road.

Some tattoos are simple and ugly in their simplicity and can be covered easily.  Others are very complex, full of color, and might have to be removed or partially removed before they can be redone or recolored.  I have a small bit of Chinese lettering on my right shoulder that is not only TOO small but also is a reminder of an ex that I would like to get covered.  It’s plain black and probably simple to cover up but I am just not sure yet what I want to have put there.  Depending on when I start my next career as a paramedic, I might have something from that line of work put there.  Maybe a rescue type design or IAFF logo (International association of firefighters) if I become a firefighter instead or maybe just a black square, big enough to cover the lettering.  In any case, I’m going to get it covered in the future.  Putting new ink over it should be a lot less painful and a lot less expensive than any kind of skin removal or laser treatment.  Plus, I’ll have a new tattoo to show off.  I could always go with a method similar to the person’s tat I the pic to the left.  That’s something I have never seen before, except on my son’s arms when he comes home from school after drawing on himself in some particularly boring class.