ice-cold-tattoooYea, bad tattoos are all over the planet.  There are tattoos that should not even be mentioned in public, let alone placed in a blog for all the world to see and be disgusted by.  This guy, Mr Cool Ice, has some pretty interesting tattoos.  Some people would say they’re “bad”, some would say they’re hideous.  He happens to like them and I think that’s what is important.  Right?  No?  Yes?

Ok, who are we kidding?  What in the world posessed this guy to do that to himself?  And not only are the capitalizations inconsistent (he has Mr. CooL ICE on the front, Mr. Cool ICE on the back, who knows what he has on his shoulders) but he apparently paid over six thousand dollars for all his body mods.  The skull on his stomach is interesting.  So are the sunglasses on said skull.  I suppose those go along with the sunglasses he has tattooed on the back of his head.  But how many times does he have to get “cool ice” tattooed on him for people to get the picture?  Maybe he should have had a nametag tattoed on his chest instead, so people would get the message he seems to be trying to get across.
He’s been on talk shows, mostly in Germany, speaking about his tattoos and his other nicknames, which he has yet to have tattooed on himself.  Maybe because there’s not enough room to put “Mr. Lover Lover” on his body six times until he gets rid of the Mr. Cool Ice.

As has been said before, people might have ugly tattoos, or at least they seem ugly to other people, but if the person wearing the tattoo is happy with it, maybe that’s ok.  Maybe.  He seems to be living off the fame, somewhat, with his tv appearances and people recognizing him on the street, if only they are recognizing him to laugh at him.  Still, it remains to be seen if other people would actually want that kind of fame or publicity.  It seems like a hefty price to pay, having such um.. interesting tattoos on the body, for just a little publicity and whatever money the talk shows are paying him.  To each his own and everything but it seems like the guy is going to have to keep doing talkshows and guest appearances to make money just to pay for his wacky tattoos.  If he had left the tattoos off in the first place, he wouldn’t have to do the talk shows to pay for the tat because he wouldn’t have them!  You see the irony?  Mr Cool Ice would then become the Mr. Blank Canvas, unnoticed by the public and the internet and the German talkshow hosts.