homie-tattooWith so many people getting tattoos these days, walking into a tattoo parlor and picking a tat design off the wall for your newest ink work can lead to you having the same tattoo as someone else on the planet.  Tattoos are somewhat mainstream now which means, if you go to a parlor to have them place one of their designs on your body, chances are you will not end up being unique.  This is where homemade tattoos come into play.

With a homemade tattoo, even if you happen to use a design that you have seen on the internet and copied, there’s a good chance your image or tattoo will come out unique and different.  Especially if the person doing that tattoo for you is not a professional.
Homemade tattoo guns are also available or at least the instructions on how to build them are available.  For just a few dollars, you can throw together a tattoo gun pretty quickly with a motor, some ink, and a few items that might already be laying around your house.  Of course the quality of the tattoo is limited to not only the skill and experience of the tattoo artist but also it is limited by the quality of the tattoo gun.  So if you’re planning on doing this in the privacy of your own home, or your non-professional tattoo artist friend’s home, make sure you at least attempt to put together a decent homemade tattoo gun.

With enough practice, even a homemade tattoo can end up looking pretty decent.  It might even lead the homemade tattoo practitioner to become a legitimate artist, using real inks and real tattoo guns.  After all, every tattoo artist had to start somewhere, right?

The inks that are used can be real tattoo inks or they can be inks straight from a pen in your desk, although the tattoo inks will probably last longer and look better overall.  Who knows what prison inks are made with, probably ashes from cigarettes and anything else they can come up with that will dye the skin.

If you are afraid to practice on yourself and leave possible permanent damage or infection as the only evidence, you can always build the tattoo gun and then practice on fruit.  They say practicing on oranges and pears is a great way to get some experience holding the gun and drawing with it.  If you’re not afraid to make a mess of yourself, by all means go right ahead and start sticking yourself with that homemade needle.  Just make sure you’re clean about it and you take pics and send them in so the whole world can look at it.  Designs are readily available everywhere you look on the internet, or you might be able to create something decent on your own.