Nowadays, more and more people are getting tattoos and one of the primary reasons the numbers are going up is because tattoos are no longer a permanent etching. Many people that were once hesitant about getting a tattoo are jumping on the bandwagon knowing there is always a ‘backup’ plan available through tattoo removal should they ever consider buyer’s remorse. Today, laser tattoo removal is the most popular method of tattoo removal, but even this method sways some potential tattoo wearers due to its cost, and the pain involved in the removal. Now, there is a new method on the market that may lure even more prospective tattoo wearers from getting their first ink, and it’s MUCH less painful than lasers.

Laser technology today seems almost medieval in fact in light of this new method. Freezing and scraping the skin is not exactly appealing. Nor is burning the skin with corrosive acid. And few if any are likely to go so far as to have the tattoo surgically removed. Not only are these methods painful and gruesome, but they are VERY expensive.

But now, with a new treatment coming out of the UK, tattoo removal is easier than ever. It is done through the use of a cream called Rejuvi that is pushed into the skin via injection that is not unlike a tattoo gun. Tattoos are placed by injecting ink into the top layer of the epidermis, just shallow enough for your immune system to bypass it as a potential infection and reject the ink as an invader to your body.

Rejuvi takes advantage of the wonders of your immune system, by bonding with the ink in your tattoo until the ink and the cream is ‘revealed’ to your immune system. In turn, your body will reject the cream, and the ink it has bonded to, and push it to the surface of your skin with the pigment attached. With this method, you will literally be able to ‘wash away’ your tattoo. The ink will come out in the form of a ‘scab’ and in most cases the tattoo will come out fully intact, so if you still cherish the tattoo but simply don’t want it on your body anymore, you can even keep it as a momento.

Advantages of Rejuvi are all of those that combat the disadvantages of lasers. They are more affordable, less painful, and your chances of scarring are next to none. The first clinic to try this method is the Oxford Skin Clinic in Oxford, and the success rates are astronomical.

As with lasers though, you will need several treatments and they will run you around $150 per square inch, so yes, the smaller your tattoo, the greater the success and the more affordability. And no, while this doesn’t give you carte blanche to mural your back with ink with a safe backup plan, Rejuiv will definitely provide you with a safer alternative to sanding off your skin.