Like any fan, buying a hat or shirt to show your team’s pride is nothing unusual. Stepping it up a gear and being inked is something completely different. New England Patriots fan Victor Thompson is taking his Patriots pride seriously with the team’s symbol tattoo on the side of his head.

new england patriots tattoo

It just popped into my head that I wanted it to look like Tom Brady’s helmet,” Thompson said. House of Tattoo artist Gary Laroche has been working on the tattoo. Thompson had one side done on New Year’s Eve, but he doesn’t want to stop there…

Thompson’s plan is to get every bit of the helmet down to the smallest detail, including the dot that marks Brady’s helmet as having a microphone. Thompson said he is hoping the Pats win the Super Bowl. If they do, he will get the Lombardi Trophy tattooed on his head, along with the years the team has won it all.

Laroche said Thompson’s dedication shows off his love of the team, but he thinks it also makes Thompson feel good about himself. “If you change the way their appearance is, it boosts their ego and makes them feel better,” he said.Thompson said he’s excited to be a walking embodiment of the New England Patriots. “I feel awesome,” he said. “I feel like the Pats now.