Tattoos are rapidly becoming useful warning symbols to people suffering from illnesses such as diabetes. At present, sufferers are urged to wear “Medic Alert” bracelets which are emblazoned with the medical caduceus emblem and quickly notify emergency responders of a patient’s condition. Information engraved on the back of the bracelet allows crews to assess vital information without the patient’s response.

medic alert bracelet

(Medic Alert Bracelet)

Samantha Graham, a diabetic from Vancouver, British Columbia, turned to bodyart as an alternative to the Medic Alert jewellary often used to inform medical personnel that they are dealing with a diabetic. “I thought it was the perfect idea because a tattoo … would be much harder to miss than a simple alert bracelet if I was ever in the situation of not being able to communicate,” Graham says.

diabetes tattoo

(Fashionable diabetes tattoo)

However, not everyone believes tattoos are the healthiest way for diabetics to bring attention to their condition. Todd Soard, president of the Florida Association of Professional EMTs and Paramedics, says a tattoo will not be the first thing a paramedic looks for when transporting a patient.

It is no doubt going to be missed,” he says. “Most EMS personnel are not trained to look for a tattoo because a tattoo is a tattoo!“. Todd insists the Medic Alert jewellary is far more visible to a paramedic and they are trained to look and read it…not a tattoo.