On December 6th OffBeatInk.com posted (article here) that Kat Von D needed bodyart enthusiasts to ink as part of her attempt to break the Guinnes Book of World Records for the most people tattooed in a 24hr period.

OffBeatInk.com is pleased to announce the talented artist managed to complete 400 tattoo’s in 24 hours on December 14th 2007 at the L.A Ink headquarters.

Kat Von D Tattooing Someone

(Kat Von D Tattooing During The Event)

Kat’s success didn’t come without a fair share of problems. Two fire marshalls and two sheriff officers had to be hired to keep control of the 1,000 strong crowd. There were complaints of queue jumping and disheartened fans who didn’t get tattooed.

Kat Von D Queue Outside Shop

(The Queue Outside The Shop)

Kat Von D Queue Outside

((The Queue Extending Down The Street)

Further to that, the personal strain was unbelievable, but worth every cent…

“During the entire 24 hour period, i never ate, and kept my consumptions of liquid to a bare minimum, to make sure i wouldnt have to stop tattooing to go to the bathroom at any point. i put on nicotine patches, so i wouldnt take any cigerette breaks. And during the entire 24 hours i took a maximum 3 breaks of no more than about 3 minutes, to drink an energy drink closer to the end, and to change into sweats at another point and stretch my hands which were starting to ache pretty fuckin bad.”

The $20 cost to be tattooed went to Vitamin Angels, a charity saving children from going blind. Kat managed to raise $8000 which will save 32,000 children’s eyesights. A massive achiement and a congratulations all round, including those working behind the scenes and in the shop for the entire duration.

Kat posted about the experience on her . Well done Kat!