Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer
The news of Jennifer and John being Hollwyood’s latest IT couple was dying quickly, until the happy pair started murmuring about the possibility of matching tattoos. And it is amazing how quick you can gauge a commitment according to tattoo preferences.

Jennifer already has a tattoo, one she has made sure the world doesn’t see, but it’s that of a heart etched on her stomach. John on the other hand, is a virgin in this territory and not sure where to go with this one.

Jenner suggests a second heart tattoo on her stomach to symbolize their love, and would love to see John get a matching heart. John’s response? How about we each get matching “J’s” to show the world how much that we care about each other?

Cute. But for the fact that both of their initials are J and so….this leaves John a lot of wiggle room, then, doesn’t it? Jen’s already introduced John to her version of family, and brought John into the Friends fold by introducing him to Courtney Cox. So, we know where HER commitment lies.

And John? Well, nothing says love like getting your own initial tattooed somewhere, does it? Hmm…. It may be a few months before we see the end result, but you know, in Hollywood, a few months in relationship real time could mean splitsville for these two. Let’s see what happens here.