asia-argento-offbeatinkAsia inked her first tattoo while high in Amsterdam when she was 14. In total, she now has eight images adorning her body and each one marks a transition in her life. She says herself that she hates when people go on about the symbolism of their tattoos and feels that her tattoos are a very personal thing, like a diary or journal, a reminder for her of important points in her life. As she says herself “every few years I feel the urge to mark myself and mark the passages, as if my body was a map and every scar will always be with me, and every scar tells you where I’ve been, like an animal.”
It is an odd thing for a public persona to say but then this is not your regular run of the mill Hollywood personality. The agoraphobic Asia says of herself “My teeth represent me. They are as crooked as my soul. I like them, I am oblique.”  It is said that when she was filming the xXx film with all those buff tough men, she was the only one on site with a real tattoo.

Asia grew up on a diet of her director father’s horror films. She is herself a director, writer, actress and a DJ.

It is rumoured that Asia is planning to have the tattoos she had done as an adult removed but for the moment, she has 8 tattoos:
An eye on her shoulder was done in Amsterdam when she was 14.

Arising from her backside are two snakes and a sun. The snakes were inked in Minneapolis while she was filming Trauma at the age of 16 and the sun was done in Amsterdam a year later.

Round the front now, and you see an angel emerging. This is taken from a painting by Delvaux. “But she’s not an angel, I added the wings” says Asia.  It took her 3 years to show this one to her father – the reason she placed it so low on her belly was to hide it from him.

On her ribs is a jail style name tattoo. Anna was Asia’s sister, but she died.
Inside her left wrist, over the pulse and near a tattoo of a cross, is another name, Panos. In her own words, “It’s this person that I met briefly that had a very strong impact on my life. I met him, like, for a day, and I had this name tattooed. It’s really crazy, this tattoo, I think it’s the craziest one I’ve ever made.”

Asia’s lucky number is 23. She has it tattooed on the nape of her neck, above a bar piercing. Apparently, it was only later that she found out its relevance to the Illuminati Theory.
The double Anarchy M stands for Asia, Anna and Morgan. Morgan has the same tattoo on his arm.