glasses-tattooToo bad Tom Cruise didn’t think about this back in the 80’s when he was running around in the movie Risky Business, sporting a pair of Ray Ban’s and smoking cigarettes.  This guy, Matthew, had glasses, or should I say glasses frames, tattooed on his face.  Yea.

His facebook has quite a few comments and not good ones, apparently, as does his YouTube video.  He had someone take video of the whole ordeal from the artist tracing his Ray Ban’s outline onto his face, the entire process of putting the ink in his skin, and the aftermath which you see in the photo above.  Many people have said “what are you thinking?”  and “good luck getting a job”.  I think he looks a little like a superhero.  Maybe he can find a job at an amusement park.
What was not originally told as part of his story was that Ray Ban sunglasses put him up to it as some form of advertising.  Sure, Matthew got his 15 minutes of fame on the internet and people will probably forever recognize him as the silly guy that got a really old style of Ray Ban’s tattooed onto his face.  However, I think Ray Ban is going to be the ones who really profit from this stunt.  Or, they’ll get in big trouble.
It’s kind of similar to the woman who took 10,000 and let an artist tattoo Golden across her forehead.  She says she did it to pay for her son’s school fees.  I’m sorry but if his school cost that much, he should be going somewhere else.  He’ll be out of that school in a few years and she will still have in huge dark letters across her forehead.  I’m not sure what kind of compensation Matthew has received, if any, but it doesn’t seem like it would be enough when you consider the possible consequences.  Unless he’s wearing sunglasses all the time, it will be difficult for him to get any kind of job that allows him to present his face to a customer.  On a positive note, there are tons of jobs available online if he’s internet savvy.  He could start up his own e-business or maybe sell some e-books about his experiences while running around town with glasses on his face.  The tattooed glasses on his face.  Maybe he could shave his head and a hat company could offer to pay him if he tattoos a beanie on his noggin?

In any case, he’s getting his few minutes of fame and now Ray Ban is getting its name in the news.  Sure, people might be bashing them for having that poor kid place a hideous life altering tattoo on his face just for the companies benefit but sometimes even bad publicity is good publicity, at least that’s probably how Ray Ban see’s it.