David Cook is seen here at the Daredevil tattoo parlor where tattoo artist Jason June applied David’s most recent tattoo. This is the tattoo that David was showing off on a recent appearance on Larry King Live, and it symbolizes the journey he has had over the last year.

The tattoo is of an eye, and overall the symbolism must be personal because I don’t quite understand the connection between and eye and the journey towards becoming an American Idol However, most tattoos are of a personal nature and thus, so is David’s.

For his tattoo experience, David brought along friend and American Idol runner up Carly Smithson, and you can see Carly in the background of the picture here. You may remember Carly either by the bevy of tattoos that she has on, or by her strong Irish accent. Or perhaps you remember her for her rocking talent.

Either way, Carly and David are good chums and she attended his tattoo session for dual purposes. She co-owns the Nothing Sacret tattoo parlor in San Diego with her husband Todd Smithson, and thought she could lend some advice and support for David. She also attended so that she could add to her own body art, and she ended up with a tattoo of a snake/infinity symbol.

Tattoo artist Jason June says it was an honor to have both of these Idols as customers, and said they were both ‘very nice’. Awww….collective group hug.