For years, tattoos have been used as symbolism all over the world. Getting a tattoo drawn on you qualifies as body art or beautification in the larger context. However, from the early days, tattoos were drawn to symbolize, vow revenge and state allegiance.

Tattoos on a person’s body could actually reveal a lot about the person. There are various types of tattoos you can select from to express yourself and of these the latest is the trend of tongue tattoos - Yes you heard right - We’re talking about art on your tongue. So the next time you speak, the world will be watching you speak.

Tongue Tattoo

(Happy Face Tongue Tattoo)

You could get a tattoo in a more visible area of the body, but probably that’s not what you want. It is a matter of personal choice and preference and as such, tongue tattoos are entirely a matter of expression as you like it best. There are plenty of designs to select from apart from the fact that you may want to take along your own design. Since tongue tattoos are size compromised getting very intricate designs is not advisable. This is because such designs would not be as detailed when drawn because the drawing is too close together. As such, instead of having very defined lines, what would be visible to most is a thicker outlined tongue tattoo.

Another great thing about tongue tattoos is that you may choose to experiment with funky colors. This is popular amongst young takers. For most getting a star or heart drawn at the tip of the tongue suffices. In fact this looks rather trendy and can be quite a fashion statement. The funny thing about tongue tattoos is that those who aren’t very well versed with tattoos are unlikely to envision that you could have a tongue tattoo. As such when you do speak very often someone would tell you there’s something on your tongue!

Tongue tattoos could be drawn over a slight part of the tongue or you may choose to have your entire tongue tattooed. Choosing darker color pigmentation on your entire tongue can generate mixed reactions from viewers. Tongue tattoos are, in fact, even more popular with people who have a tongue piercing. The tattoo is used to outline or highlight the piercing. They sort of accentuate each other and truly, if you have both on your tongue, it’s unthinkable that your attempt at beautification will go unnoticed. Tongue tattoos could take a long time to complete despite their size limitations because the tongue has to be held in place and kept still for a tattoo artist to complete the job with perfection.

Since these tattoos are still rather new, it’s possible that not every established tattoo artist will be able to get your job done. It may take a little effort to locate a reputed artist who will tattoo your tongue. The tattooing process however is the same so you need not worry. So, if there’s a little adventurous spirit somewhere in you, let it show. Tongue tattoos are certainly catching on because of its singular appeal, it may not be “just another craze” afterall.