A study said that tattoos is one of the most popular urban lifestyle as 40% of 26-40 year olds have at least one tattoo. And what people concerns when going to make tattoos is the time it takes and the pain during the process.

The best way to make the patient forget the time and the pain is, offering something enjoyable such as a true audiovisual cinema experience, it sound reasonable right? And as an tattoo artist you can take the benefit of modern video eyewear such as Relaxview 6.0 Tattoo Pack.

Tattoo Pain Distraction Using Tattoo Pack

(Distracting the customer from the pain…taking away part of the experience?)

The tattooing process can take from one to even more than eight hours when a complex drawing is involved. A good pair of video eyeglasses is a compelling idea and let me concentrate on my work of art without spending too much attention in trying to maintain the customer at ease. My customers want to remember my sweat work, not my sweat words”, summarizes Rytch Soddy, a successful English tattoo artist and one of the owners of Sith Tattoo.

Tattoo Pain Distraction Using Tattoo Pack

(The Tattoo Pack 6.0)

However, the view is not shared by all bodyartists and enthusiasts. Many agree that the pain is part of the overall experience and you should not be distracted from this.

What do you think?