Aside from paying to have your tattoo removed via expensive surgeries, tattoos are forever - until now. The newly released “Freedom 2” ink can be easily removed and is safe.

Freedom 2 Ink Logo

“Freedom-2™ inks are designed to be permanent and durable. However, we also recognize that life circumstances change and your desire for new body art may cause you to want to remove all or a part of an existing tattoo. Freedom-2™ inks are engineered, independent of color, for efficient and effective laser therapy removal leaving your skin clear and ready for new body art.

Some people getting tattoos may think the idea is fantastic, but those tattooing them aren’t sold. Artists take pride in their work and are not keen on a new ink that is fully removable. Dedicated bodart enthusiasts share that view and have adopted the attitude “If I wanted it in the first place why would I want it removed later?

Dermatologist Dr. Thomas McMeekin works with a laser to remove tattoos. It takes 10-12 treatments over a year to remove one tattoo and often it does not disappear completely. He said the new ink would change that dramatically. “With one or two treatments they can remove it successfully with no scaring at all,” he said. “I’m gratified. If a patient has this new ink I can tell them I can easily remove it.” One laser treatment costs between $200 and $300.

The Freedom 2 Ink process works as follows…

Tattoo Process

(F2 ink is applied using traditional tattoo delivery systems)


Tattoo Process

(The F2 microspheres are positioned in the upper dermis.)


Tattoo Process

(The tattoo is formed by cellular phagocytosis.)

Tattoo Process

(A single laser therapy treatment is used to remove the tattoo.)

The new type of ink has received mixed reactions from both the media and bodyart communities. Only the future knows what’s in store for Freedom 2.