A Bennington man has been accused of cashing into a man’s house and trying to run him over after the victim, a local tattoo artist, says he refused to work on his Nazi tattoos.

nazi flag

Michael Myers, 34, pleaded not guilty on Friday to attempted, first-degree murder. He is accused of leaving the scene of a crash, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and aggravated assault on a police officer. Bail was refused for the accused.

Tattooist Thomas Keith told police Myers had come to his house Tuesday night and asked him to add on to his Aryan Nation tattoos. When he refused, Keith told police Myers said he wanted to fight, drove onto his lawn, tried to run him over and crashed into the corner of his house, where his 1-year-old daughter had been sleeping.

Police say when they arrested Myers in a nearby camping trailer, he resisted and tried to kick one of the officers.