The heated divorce and custody situation between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards is one that many people are tired of hearing. It has finally reached the point where we’ve officially heard too much information, and though we like to see cat fights and claws out in Tinseltown, most of the time, this battle is one that will never die….

It seems there is always one thing after another with these two. However be that as it may, they may serve as a shining example to other Hollywood couples that are etching themselves in the name sake of their true love. We all know that most Hollywood romances, marriages even, can last less time than it takes for a manicure to dry. So why bother with the tattoo? Because in most cases, such as in the one with Denise and Charlie, regret is only a short time coming.

Denise and Charlie both had tattoos done declaring their undying love for each other. Denise’s was the name Charlie scripted on her ankle, and Charlie had Denise scripted on his wrist. His was removed the old fashioned way. Tattoo removal, no press. Denise? Well. That’s another story. The location of Denise’s ‘Charlie’ tattoo was on the ankle that you see above. What, no Charlie script? Yes, there is a story there. Naturally.

Among their many public battles, one constituted a dispute over whether or not Denise’s (and Charlie’s) children should appear on her reality television show ‘It’s Complicated’. Denise said yes, Charlie said no, and then a whole lotta ugly happened. To ‘get back’ at him, she had her Charlie tattoo reworked by none other than famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. Get back?? Well, you know, it’s Denise Richards, and well….it’s complicated. *sigh*

The tattoo re-work was actually part of the reality show, because just blabbing about it to the press wasn’t enough. The entire camera crew showes up at Kat Von D’s studio and Denise walked out with a lovely fairy on her ankle. Why a fairy? Well, ever the Einstein that she is, even on her way TO the studio Denise had no clue what she wanted. Nothing like being prepared. Oh but she was. She asked her brother in law, who was educated enough to give her the answer merely by way of being covered with tattoos himself, what he thought she should get. Then she wanted something feminine. Brother in laws idea was the winner, and he selected fairy.

Kat advised her she’d need a bigger tattoo than the Charlie name for a fairy, using the area where his name was to be the wings. Kat drew two versions of Denise’s tattoo, enough for Denise to select one that would ‘just’ cover the Charlie. And per Denise, ‘you can’t even see where Charlie’s name was’.

And that is the story of Denise’s tattoo and how she once and for all cut Charlie out of her life. But she didn’t really, did she, no, he’s just hiding behind a fairy.