Back when tattoo’s where still a taboo and the only available designs were anchors, dates or names of loved ones, a few sailors and local hard men would have the odd piece of bodyart, usually above their arm.

Then came the 90’s and lower back tattoos became popular amongst women, especially tribal designs. As bodyart evolved and the popularity of tattooing grew, tattoo designs became more intricate, detailed and visually appealing.

full body tattoo

The lower back tattoo became the “tramp stamp” as almost every women had one and people began craving for something unique. Freehand designs were introduced, along with complex art involving different styles and colours.

And now, with tattooing being so popular, people are becoming human canvasses and artists are working with a “no limit” mindset.

Enthusiasts are following bodyart religiously and giving their bodies as a gallery for beautiful art. We’ve seen eye tattoos, tooth tattoos, head tattoos, face tattoos and even brand endorsements!

As the popularity spreads, I wonder what will be the next tattooing craze?