It has been quite the exciting week for the Republican party, what with being caught in their first series of scandals in this Presidential election. With the announcement of Presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate as Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, many Republicans were surprised. But when it came out that her teenaged daughter was pregnant, it seemed that all of American gasped out loud, at once.

Yes, the crispy clean conservative Republicans have a full fledged scandal on their hands, and since they have a lot of experience sweeping things under the rug, this was hardly a glitch in their eyes. Sarah is doing the stand by her daughter thing, and supporting 17 year old Bristol all the way. And Senator John McCain says, what? That old rumor? Pffft…we knew about THAT all along.

Uh huh.

The plans for the Bristol family are to do what is ‘good and proper’ and so Bristol will keep the baby, naturally, and marry the 18 year old father of her child, Mr Levi Johnston. Here you can see Levi gripping is beloved hand almost a little too tightly as all of America hones on on these scandalous teenagers.

And he is almost clean cut. Until you get right down to the nitty gritty tattoo on his hand. WHAT? I didn’t think Republicans were allowed to do THAT. Perhaps the tattoo was made under Palin’s directives so that he can look like he really cares about this girl. Or maybe he really is committed to this thing, who knows. The tattoo is a flowery font around his ring finger paying homage to his baby mama’s name, Bristol.

Huh. A tattoo on a Republican. So much for that squeaky clean image. (oh wait, that went out with the teenage pregnancy FIRST didn’t it.) A Republican official being caught in a baby scandal. Oh blah dee, oh blah dah, life does go on.