Brad Pitt is of course the A-lister extraordinaire these days, and his A list status was definitely amped when he involved himself with his now forever love Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is one of the most tattooed A-listers, and it seems that her love for the ink may have rubbed off on Brad. And while Angelina is definitely known for creativity and mystique in her ink designs, I think that Brad may have one upped her with this one.

The couple recently purchased a 1.5 million dollar home in the French Quarter of New Orleans and Brad Pitt has made no secret of his love for the city, and his desires to rejuvenate the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina devastated the town in August 2005. One of the ways he has shown this love is by having a rather unique design inked on his back to commemorate his love. And, if you are looking for a tattoo to commemorate Katrina, or the most recent Hurricane Gustav, then you may want to copy this one as you will definitely fall into the more unique category and stand out amongst the crowd.

At first glance, looking at Brad’s back tattoo, one may think that one of his bevy of children played a prank on him with some magic markers while he was sleeping. The tattoo is an odd design of groupings of horizontal black lines with bizarre boxed shapings underneath. But no magic marker here, this tattoo means something. What you ask?

The New Orleans levee system. You could look at it a thousand times and never guess that, but yep, that’s what it is. The tattoo is a map of the New Orleans levees, a marker of the 2005 Katrina hurricane that caused the most devastation when the levee system failed causing over 1,800 deaths and approximately $81 billion dollars of damage.

The couple have not only bought a home in New Orleans, but have done so to maintain a local position to support Brad’s tenuous efforts to support the rebuilding of New Orleans. And now, with Hurricane Gustav still leaving marks on this broken city, the tattoo means that much more. The only difference this time was that the worst case scenario, another breech in the levees, did not occur during Gustav.

If you are a Louisiana or New Orleans resident and are thinking of some ink to commemorate your hurricane survival strength, here is one that will definitely put you ahead of the bunch.