One of the biggest issues facing tattoo recipients today is the issue of color fade. Tattoos are most beautiful in their earliest stages due to the fact that the color is vibrant and bright. But like many other things in life, so too do tattoos fade with time. Permanent pigments have long been deemed unsafe for use with tattoos on humans, and as such, light fast and alternative permanent ink forms are used today. But when it comes to the very bright colors of magenta, orange, red, purple, or yellow, the fade resistance is minimal leaving your beautiful tattoo faded as years go by. Why does this happen?
The most common cause of fading in tattoos is the exposure to Ultraviolet Rays. When UV rays from the sun hit your tattoo, over time, the colors will fade. As such, if you are getting a tattoo, you may want to choose a place that will have minimal exposure to the sun. Alternatively, you can add precautionary measures of sunscreen application on your tattoo when it is out in the sun. Because your skin degrades with sun exposure, you want to make sure that this degradation of your skin layers is minimal.

You also want to get an experienced artist. The less experience your artist has, the more likely your tattoo will fade. Experienced artists understand how to apply pigment better, and this will ensure less fading.

Many people have said that their tattoo looks older than it really is. Think about what colors you want. The brighter the color, and the more of that color that you have, the less likely your tattoo will age sooner than it should. Stick to darker colors like black, navy, green, and so on, and these tattoos will stand the test of time.

As you age, so too does your skin. Taking care of your skin will ensure that you are taking care of your tattoo, and by protecting your skin, you protect your tattoo and will minimize and slow down the aging process.